Privat - A private bar in Montana

Privat is a classic sophisticated hidden gem in Bozeman, Montana. They are a premium private bar and exclusive event space to provide an intimate ambiance, jiving music, fantastic food, and the finest beverages. Their goal is to serve creative and individualized alcoholic beverages that will surely complement your appetizers from Izakaya Three Fish during dinner time while French breakfast is for brunch time.

Our Role

Mariella led the design and development of this project from start to finish. She was also in charge of communicating with the assistant of the owner of the restaurant from project onboarding until project turnover. She worked with Haydee, who is in charge of the QA (Quality Assurance) and cross-checking the website launch checklist to ensure that all is clear.


The restaurant ownership was transferred to a new owner without the exact digital marketing materials to promote the restaurant online, and to accept reservations for guests who wishes to accommodate private reservations

No brand guidelines

Privat, at first, had a logo but did not have any brand guidelines. We saw that the logo can have subtle improvements as well.

No own company page

Privat has not set up a corporate page to communicate what the business is about, to audiences who look for event places to handle their events or customers who wish to mingle in bars.


Curate a fitting brand identity for their business

They provided a blurry logo, which I saw potential. So I tweaked it a little bit to have a subtle “golden feeling” to provide classy and sophisticated vibe to it.

Design and create an online space to showcase the business

They needed a space online for audiences to easily see what their business is all about. We are here to envision and curate a website that fits their branding.

Drive viewers to reserve their visit online

Their target is to attract viewers and visitors to easily reserve their visit and/or events online and communicate with Privat’s virtual assistant in regards to their event bookings. We are here to create a reservation tab for audiences to easily see which dates are available for booking for their event to take place, along with posting frequently asked questions to provide a sense of guidelines to viewers.


Wrap up your project by highlighting your successes. If you’re able, highlight key metrics that were improved with the help of your project.

Brand identity changes

Reservation Page

"It’s been a pleasure working with Synergize Studios. Aside from developing a sophisticated website for Privat, they were also professional, proactive, and transparent throughout the process. We could not be happier with our new website!" - Bianca, Virtual Assistant
Privat Logo
Bianca Awatin
Virtual Assistant